Progress August

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Goal 29 - Read 50 Non-Fiction books

34. Peter Singer - Animal Liberation (21.07.2011)

35. Holger Rainers - Psychotherapeuten im Visier (23.07.2011)

36. Jessica Spector (Ed.) - Prostitution and Pornography: Philosophical Debate About the Sex Industry (29.07.2011)

37. Julian Offray LaMettrie - Der Mensch eine Maschine (07.08.2011)

38. Josef Schurz - Vom Bilsenkraut zum LSD : Giftsuchten u. Suchtgifte (09.08.2011)

39. James Nicholas Young - 101 plots used and abused (09.08.2011)

40. Cracked - You Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News: Shocking but Utterly True Facts (10.08.2011)

41. John Fuhrman - Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss (11.08.2011)
42. Mark Perryman - 1. FC Philosophie: Flach denken, hoch gewinnen (12.08.2011)
43. Hartmut Krüger - Die Charta der Vereinten Nationen und das Statut des Internationalen Gerichtshofs (13.08.2011)

44. Francesco Cirillo - The Pomodoro Technique (16.08.2011)

45. Eve Ensler - The Good Body (16.08.2011)

46. Karl Marx - Manifest Der Kommunistischen Partei (05.2011)
48. . Leslie Iversen - Drogen und Medikamente (26.08.2011)

49. Norah Vincent - Self-Made Man: One Woman'sJourney into Manhood and Back Again (26.08.2011)

50. Michel Onfray - Nietzsche (26.08.2011)

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54. Go to the theatre.
went with my brother to a small theatre in Berlin

91. Meet three online friends / penpals I haven't met before. (3/3)
- met my friend Tord from Norway finally :)

In Progress:

9. Work out (at the Gym, riding bike, yoga, etc) for 1001 hours. (12/1001)
- Finally did like 8 hours of working out, phew.

11. Spend 101 Euros on food in a month (3x times).(0/3)
- Argh, doing it this month. It's horrible. I want to eat more fruit and veg but it's so expensive. I'm living on Vegan cheap Junk! Rice with ketchup? Here I go...

12. Try out/make up 101 new recipes /take pictures & post them on both vegan blogs regularly (4x a month). (8/101)

Kale & Basil Pesto                          Tiramisu                                  Caramalized aubergines

13. Go to 50 different cafés/restaurants. (15/50)
3 more. vegan food, nom nom.

25. Study 1001 hours. (23/1001)
- only wrote down 4 hours but studied more..

26. Read 500 Books. (55/500)

38. Ammon Shea - Reading the OED (12.06.2011)
39. Melanie Joy - Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows (12.06.2011)
40. Karl Pilkington - Happyslapped by a jellyfish (12.06.2011)
41. Brendan Brazier - Thrive:The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports&Life (13.06.2011)
42. Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture (16.06.2011)
43. Stephen Batchelor - Confession of a Buddhist Atheist (17.06.2011)
44. Kate Harding -Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere:Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body (21.06.2011)
45. Ryūnosuke Akutagawa - Hell Screen (27.06.2011)
46. P.G. Wodehouse - The Crime Wave at Blandings (27.06.2011)
47. Richard Dawkins - The God Delusion (audiobook) (re-read) (28.06.2011)
48. TC Campell - China Study (03.07.2011)
49. Michael Blanding - The Coke Machine (04.07.2011)
50. Sabine Neumann- Das Mädchen Franz (06.07.2011)
51. Markus Wild - Tierphilosophie zur Einführung (09.07.2011)
52. Jonathan Safran Foer - Eating Enimals (re-read) (10.07.2011)
53. Alison Bedchel - Dykes and Sundry Other Carbon-Based Life Forms to Watch Out For (15.07.2011)
54. Donald Barthelme - Some of Us Had Been Threatening Our Friend Colby (20.07.2011)
55. J.M. Coetzee - The Lives of Animals (20.07.2011)

29. Read 50 Non-Fiction books. (33/50)
... i read 11 more nonfiction books. thats actually a lot easier than fiction at the moment.

31. Read 33 Graphic Novels (3/33)
3. Alison Bedchel - Dykes and Sundry Other Carbon-Based Life Forms to Watch Out For

35. Read everything by Irvine Welsh.

- I've read "you'll have had your hole" and currently reading "Porno (2002)".

36. Write a review for every book I read.

"The God Delusion" & "The Crime Wave at Blandings"

39. Watch 300 Movies. (34/300)

22. Joschka und Herr Fischer (?.06.2011) (cinema)
23. Leaving Amish Paradise (?.06.2011)
24. Trouble in Amish Paradise (?.06.2011)
25. Soldiers in the Army of God (5.06.2011)
26. To Be Fat Like Me (08.06.2011)
27. Metropolis (12.06.2011) (cinema)
28. Les Amours imaginaires (11.07.2011) (cinema)
29. The Tree of Life (14.07.2011) (cinema)
30. Capitalism: A Love Story (re-watch) (15.07.2011)
31. Ghost World (20.07.2011)
32. Daria: Is It Fall Yet? (21.07.2011)
33. Spiderman 2 (21.07.2011)
34. Spiderman 3 (21.07.2011)

40. Watch a movie at the cinema 150 times. (8/150)
5. Joschka und Herr Fischer (?.06.2011)
6. Metropolis (12.06.2011)
7. Les Amours imaginaires (11.07.2011)
8. The Tree of Life (14.07.2011)

41. Write a short review for myself & Update Bedchel Test Blog


48. Make a mixtape for myself every month. (3/33)
- need to catch up with them, only made one mixcd more.

52. Go to 50 Museums/ Exhibitions. (6/50)
6. went to the ramones museum :)

61. Write 101 letters. (7/101)
- only two.... anyone here wanting to exchange letters? Ive got of stopped having penpals :/

(Whole List on My Blog)

Some completed Goals...

Here are some of my completed goals...
#36 Organize basement so that I can get out our exercise equipment. Well the exercise equipment is out now if I could just motivate myself to actually get on it.

#38 Buy a new sofa and chair or maybe a sectional for living room. Well someone gave us a sectional so I gave them a penny for it to make this goal a complete....

#47 Go to GYN.

#48 Get tubes tied, unfortunately due to health restrains this is not happening but finally got the birth control worked out so I am no longer miserable all month instead of just for one week a month. Hopefully working that out will count as a complete.
#49 Get my teeth fixed. I did it they look awesome I will try to post pics if we can, cost to much and I looked like Mike Tyson beat the crap out of me but vanity is what it is plus I can eat meat again even though my first attempt at sausage was not pretty.
#55 But a garden gnome. Got him at Giant, my grocery store, he is so cute.
#80 Read every Harry Potter book, does not count towards my 50 books for #79. I even read Tales of Beedle the Bard but I am counting that one as one of my 50 for #79.
#95 Leave a huge tip to a waiter/waitress. Well it was actually a bartender but they served us food so technically they were also our waiter.
Will be posting a list of goals I am currently working on soon.  
Great Pumpkin


To Go, to Do and to See
14. Get to know the neighborhoods in NY I don’t frequent (I got a job in an entirely new area and am slowly getting to know it)

Health/ Beauty/ Fashion
27. Find a bag or satchel to replace my old one
30. Find a good moisturizer
31. Find a new eye cream
32. Wash my face every night before bed
33. Buy a perfect-fitting new suit in Saks (I work in an industry where I can wear jeans every day, so screw suits!!)

Money/ Major Expenditures
40. Get an iPad or e-reader

Job/ School
41. Get a full-time job that I love (I did, finally. It's amazing.)
44. Send out resumes every day until I find a full-time job
47. Stop referring to coworkers as Big Mouth and Fatty in your head because you might actually call them that. (I don't have to work with them anymore, so whatever.)
48. Be grateful for the job you have. (Now I actually am.)
49. Actually care about what customers want. (FAIL. Not once did I care about the customers whilst working retail, I only cared about my paycheck.)
50. Open more credit cards for the store. (FAIL. I probably opened one this year before I happily got out of there.)

Cooking/ Dining
60. Buy a bread maker and make bread twice a month [0/64] (LOL, nope.)

Arts/ Entertainment/ Hobbies
84. Give a show that looks really silly a try (See icon)

Cleaning/ Organization
91. Remember to weed the front yard (Did that today)
92. Color code my closet
96. Keep computer files organized

Week 12 + 13


-> Go on a last-minute travel OR Travel alone to meet friends: 
Well, it was last-minute because I decided two days in advance AND I travelled on my own to meet friends in London. 


-> Every week write down something that made you happy. (1/143)  - Epic Fail, clearly. 

In Progress

  • Try out/make up 101 new recipes /take pictures & post them on both vegan blogs regularly (4x a month). (4/101): Potato Bread! 
  • Go to 50 different cafés/restaurants. (9/50): Four places in London & one in Bristol. 
  • Study 1001 hours. (8/1001): Studied some Spanish for three hours, pretty randomly. 
  • Read 500 Books (24/500):
20. Stephen Fry - Moab Is My Washpot (audiobook) (25.03.2011)

21. Virginia Woolf - The Lady in the Looking Glass (30.03.2011)

22. Crimethink - Days of War, Nights of Love : Crimethink For Beginners (30.03.2011)

23. Jaron Lenier - You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto (30.03.2011)

24. Matte Resists - How and Why: A Do-It-Yourself Guide (30.03.2011)

  • Read 50 Non-Fiction books. (16/50): 
13. Stephen Fry - Moab Is My Washpot (audiobook) (25.03.2011)

14. Crimethink - Days of War, Nights of Love : Crimethink For Beginners (30.03.2011)

15. Jaron Lenier - You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto (30.03.2011)

16. Matte Resists - How and Why: A Do-It-Yourself Guide (30.03.2011)

  • Read 20 Biographies. (1/20):
1. Stephen Fry - Moab Is My Washpot (audiobook) (25.03.2011)

  • Listen to 101 records you hadn't listen to before. (2/101): Beady Eye - Different Geer, Still Speeding
  • Go to ten different record shops. (5/10): Two in London & one in Bristol 
  • Go to 50 Concerts. (3/50): Beady Eye@ Royal Albert Hall, London; Patrick Wolf@ Koko, London; Patrick Wolf@ Thekla, Bristol. 
  • Make a mixtape for myself every month. (2/33)
  • Go to 50 Museums/ Exhibitions. (5/50): British Museum, London
  • Write 101 letters. (4/101): Wrote a long letter to my penpal Lawrence
  • Try NaPoWriMo. (0/3): Started the National Poetry Writing Month. I decided to do ScriptFrenzy next month, because I don't think doing both in the same month would be clever/doable. 
  • Meet three online friends / penpals I haven't met before. (2/3): Vicky & Christina. 
  • Grow something (herbs or tomatoes, etc): They started blooming but I only want to check this off once I ate some.
  • Take part in 1001 competitions. (70/1001): I won a ticket to see some band, too. But I was in London at the time. Ha. 
(Complete List )
Firefly - idiots

Weekly Update

Goals Accomplished this week:
Keep car clean for a month
Visit Las Vegas

Progress made:
10. Take one photo a week for a year (8/52)
23. Watch Glee in order
39. Walk the dogs 50 times (1/50)
47. Shave my legs weekly for 3 months (8/12)
57. Weigh myself weekly for a year (8/52)
64. Get 1 A’s Winter quarter
67. Work at a summer camp
68. Get a job teaching
69. Read a children’s book in Russian
74. Visit Atlanta
76. Tour a brewery
77. Tour a winery
78. Swim with a dolphin
80. Go to Wild Animal Park
93. Complete the 5,000 question survey
99. Volunteer 5x

The whole story
disney: daisy

[UPDATE] 6 complete; 18 in progress

My Start Date: Friday, December 10, 2010
My End Date: Saturday, September 07, 2013

Goals Completed: 006/101
Goals In Progress: 018/101

All Goals In Progress
002. Put away £10 for each completed mission Total = £60
012. Read 20 books (1/20) [list]
021. Read all the books that I own but haven’t read yet [list]
022. Watch 100 never-seen-before movies (7/100) [list]
023. Watch 20 movies in the cinema (2/20) [list]
026. Make 101 Disney pin trades (36/101) [PinPics]
027. Send 20 postcards through (11/20) [profile]
031. Order grocery shopping online 50 times (1/50)
035. Buy shelves and organise the office [work in progress]
043. Keep a food diary for a month
044. Lose 50lbs, 10lbs at a time (0/5)
054. Do 'A Day In The Life' 10 times (1/10)
062. Save £100 a month (£300/£3300)
068. Visit Disneyland Paris [Depart: March 21 2011]
070. Collect 101 WDW postcards (8/101) [list]
077. Have my hair cut every two months (1/14)
094. Meet up with my Uni friends five times [Due: July 3 2011]
096. Invite the parents to visit for a day once every 4 months (1/9)

Newly Completed Goals
020. Go to a live comedy show [Russell Howard - Right Here, Right Now 2011]
032. Frame and display more Disney pins [two frames]
034. Buy curtains for the office [pic]

My List

xposted to mission101


Hey Guys. beddgelert here. (May I request a username tag?) I’m 24 and from England. I was inspired by audiopineapple’s list to have a go at this. Mind if I join you wonderful peeps in the recounting of your epic 1001 day quests? I keep tweaking my list but I think (hope) I’ve finally settled on one to stick to. I have three spare spaces just in case :)

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